Carryson swap body platform

This is the whole idea.

All applications are build on Carryson swap body platform. Platform is capable e.g. as machine basis as such. 


  • All Carryson trailers are compatible with all Carryson platforms and applications*
  • Weight
    » hot dip galvanised steel platforms starting from 77 kg
  • Platform dimensions:
    » Width 1.2 m*
    » Length 2.4 m – 3.6 m

    *Lavan päälle rakennettavat sovellukset halutessa vaunun levyisinä, esimerkiksi 2.1 – 2.5 m

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* Note your country vehicle street and regulations especially on cargo widths
* 1350e trailer widths from 2.2 – to 2.5 m