Carryson starts a new era of transport and storage

Take advantage of countless compatible Carryson demountables at work and leisure; platforms, containers, booths, machine platforms and and so on with the same Euro pallet compatible platform. Only imagination is a limit to what you can build on the Carryson.
“Work safely when loading and unloading cargo”
“Carryson applications are handy on the ground level”
“One person handles transporting where earlier several was needed”
“More efficiency in logistics as unnecessary loading, unloading and even cargo unpacking is not need anymore”
“we got flexibility in variety of different applications and in amount of applications on changing needs”
“trailer is on the move and not under a application”
“no more waiting and paying loading and unloading services”
“Cargo is always ready to go”
“Handy if needed – smallest Carryson platform is three EUR-pallets of size”
“Trailer is needed only time to time – application all the time”
“Construction material will remain unharmed on Carryson-platform until it is installed – no need to unpack before that”
“Carryson-platform has handy rolls to move around on the site”

Carryson 1350 e-power trailer

It is a tool.

Carryson 1350e-power (e = electric) is full electric swap body trailer with Warn™ winch

>1050 kg payload
>up to 2.5 m wide and 3.6 m long applications

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Carryson platforms

This is the heart of the Carryson

All applications are build on Carryson platform. All platforms are compatible with all trailers. Basic platform can be used e.g. machine base as such.

Smallest platform is three EUR-pallets of size. 2.4 m x 1.2 m and fits inside a lorry, truck or on pallet racks – handy!

Operated by means of Carryson trailers and worklifts trucks

– By one person only

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Carryson työmaakoppi ja varasto

Carryson applications

Construction site booth as an application example (3.6 m x 2.2 m)

Low step construction site office and sanitary container. Multipurpose platform for goods, vechicles and equipments, recycle bins, container.

Cost and space effective, scalable.

Carryson platform for new services, ask for-co-operation!

the world’s most versatile logistics system

With Carryson’s trailers and applications, you get a flexible system for your needs. Carryson demountable trailers are of superior quality and their lifecycle is long due to the long-standing applications.

Made and designed in Finland